SEGY has long been a standard format for storing seismic data and header information. Almost every seismic processing package can read and write seismic data in SEGY format.

Details of extension .segy

Very few general-purpose plotting or computation programs will accept data in SEGY format. The resulting postscript file may be plotted by any standard postscript plotting program. There are two versions of SAC: one version for plotting a SEGY file that contains a single gather, such as a stacked CDP or migrated section, and a second version for plotting multiple gathers from a SEGY file containing more than one gather, such as a collection of shot gathers.

Note that if a SEGY file has multiple gathers, then each gather must have the same number of traces per gather, and each trace must have the same sample interval and number of samples per trace.

In addition, utility programs are present to convert non-standard Seismic Unix. SAC allows complete user control over all plotting parameters including label size and font, tick mark intervals, trace scaling, and the inclusion of a title and descriptive text. SAC shell scripts create a postscript image of the seismic data in vector rather than bitmap format, using GMT's pswiggle command.

As a test, one can run the shell script file to recreate the xyz and postscript files. The shell scripts run using the csh shell command interpreter, which is present on most Unix systems. A requirement for plotting the seismic data is the GMT plotting package.

The shell scripts documented here have successfully produced postscript files using Gmt version 3. Download this report as a page PDF document of For questions about the content of this report, contact Mark Goldman.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community.

Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. Replaces and targets contrib branch. This PR addresses some issues when users bring their own SEG-Y seismic and label files as input to the training scripts. Most SEG-Y files do not have a uniform set of inline and crossline traces so segyio has problems inferring the geometry as it tries to generate a numpy array from the original traces. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Sign up. New issue. Conversation 34 Commits 27 Checks 27 Files changed. Copy link Quote reply. Replaces and targets contrib branch This PR addresses some issues when users bring their own SEG-Y seismic and label files as input to the training scripts. Details README Unit tests for the utilities Notebook to create test data and describe issues with segy files Notebook showing how to run the conversion script core logic in the utils.

MJZawacki mentioned this pull request Feb 11, Segy converter MJZawacki requested review from maxkazmsft and yalaudah Feb 11, MJZawacki linked an issue that may be closed by this pull request Feb 11, Support SEGY files that do not have geometry - consistent support of segy files This was referenced Feb 11, View changes. Michael Zawacki and others added 9 commits Feb 10, Create methods for normalizing and clipping separately.

Add comment. Add tests for clipping. Michael Zawacki and others added 16 commits Feb 12, Update comments. Add a flag to turn on clipping in dataprep script. Fix some minor issues pointed out on comments. Remove unused lib.

Rename notebooks to impose order; set env; move all def funtions into… …. Label missing data with Remove cell with --help command. Add notebooks to test pipeline. Michael Zawacki added 2 commits Feb 26, MJZawacki reviewed Feb 27, Hide details View details MJZawacki merged commit 0beff3a into microsoft : contrib Feb 27, 28 checks passed.

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Thomas Mejer Hansen SegyMAT version 1. Kristian Stormark enhanced GetSegyTraceHeader such that it needs fewer disc operations, resulting in major speed improvements when reading large SGY files. A bug in ReadSu version 1. Posted by Thomas Mejer Hansen Finally version 1. A few bugfixes with respect to Matlab 7. Posted by Thomas Mejer Hansen. Windows users have reported the error message "Function SkipData is now in context".

I have been unable to reproduce this error on Win98 and WinXP, but I changed the code so this should no longer be a problem A new version is ready for download. It is mainly a bug release of version 0. Also it includes some enhancement in stability.

A new version of SegyMAY has been uploaded. Fast version of ReadSu and ReadSegy, that speeds up reading ahile not reading header values. Function to read only the Segy binary header. Everybody should upgrade to this release. A huge number of updates makes the code much more robust for different SEG-Y implementaions.

Mainly a test release until 0.

segy converter

There has so many enhancements that I think a release now will be worthwile. Version 0.

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Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.These files are very large and would require extremely long download times.

If positive, scalar is used as a multiplier; if negative, scalar is used as a divisor. Scalar to be applied to all coordinate specified in bytes 73 - 88 to give the real value.

Lag time A.

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Time break is defined as the initiation pulse which may be recorded on an auxiliary trace or as otherwise specified by the recording system. Delay recording time. Trace weighting factor - defined as 2-N volts for the least significant bit.

Both headers include information specific to the line and reel number. The trace data block follows the reel identification header.

The first bytes of each trace block is the binary trace identification header. The seismic data samples follow the trace identification header. Byte Numbers. Trace sequence number within line. Trace sequence number within file reel.

SEGD to SEGY converter- download

Original field record number. Trace number within original field record. Energy source point number. CDP ensemble number. Trace number within the CDP ensemble. Number of vertically summed traces yielding this trace. Number of horizontally stacked traces yielding this trace. Distance from source point to receiver group. Surface elevation at source. Source depth below surface positive number.

Datum elevation at receiver group. Datum elevation at source. Water depth at group. Source coordinate -Longitude. Source coordinate - Latitude. Group coordinate - Longitude. Group coordinate - Latitude. Subweathering velocity. Uphole time at source.Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Data collected during seismic reflection surveys can be stored in many different, more or less standard, formats. One of the most popular is the SEGY format, developed since to store single-line seismic digital data on tapes and now evolved to store them into hard-disk and other media as well.

The software allows the user to display and optionally change the values inside all parts of a SEG-Y file: the file header, the trace headers and the data blocks.

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segy converter

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Navigation Home. New version of SeisPrho is out. Here we present segy-change, a software program to manipulate SEG-Y data files.

In addition, it allows to do a quality check on the data by plotting the traces. Plot of a SEGY file recovered with the software. Examples: - To convert a whole file to a 4-byte ibm floating point format: segy-change -all -f in.

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Webinar: SEG-Y data loading and Survey Setup in OpendTect 4.2

Hide this message.This software is intended for converting segd files single or multirecord to segy format and thus enabling viewing of the content of segd data using free segy viewers. SeiSee is one example of such viewers available for downloads from the internet.

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Software supports segd format. It should be capable of reading and formats, but I have not tested it due to lack of data. Revision 0 and revision 1 of segd standard are supported. Revision 2 should be supported, but I have not tested it. Let me know if you have tested the software for reading mentioned formats and segd revision 2 standard.

Software reads individual records from multirecord segd files and converts them to separate segy files. Segy files can then be concatenated using Seismic Toolkit software. Available for download is single executable file, which runs under Windows system environment. This is not an installation file. Software does not install any files on your computer, so if you want to use desktop shortcut, you will need to create iy yourself.

To run the software download the executable file and run it double click on it. Then click on "Convert" button and you will be prompted to select segd files and segy output directory. Segy files will be created and stored in the output directory. Their names will have. Operating System:. Input data :. Download: version 2. Contact regarding this software:. Operating System: XP,Vista,7 Input data : segd files in format possibly and are supported revision 0 and revision 1 of segd standard possibly revision 2 is also supported Features works with single or multirecord segd files individual segd records converted to separate segy files segd record numbers and channel numbers recorded in standard segy headers Download: version 2.

Seismic Toolkit. Depth Converter.Interpex is a software company dedicated to the production of high quality software for the processing, interpretation and display of geophysical data. Do Not Program You r Key! IXSeg2Segy allows the user to process the data using integration, differentiation, DC level and linear trend removal, as well as both band-pass and F-K velocity filtering.

IXSeg2Segy allows the user to pick first breaks manually by positioning the mouse cursor at the break point on the trace and clicking the left mouse button.

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Automatic break picks can be made using four different methods. Normal Move-Out NMO curves can be superimposed on a shot to check the velocity and depth of an apparent reflector.

Convert SEGY to CSV Online

Velocity lines can be superimposed on a shot to check the velocity and depth of an apparent refractor. Unregistered versions do not support these two features. A SEG-Y file containing multiple records can be split into single record files. Multiple files with identical length records can be combined into a single SEG-Y file with multiple records or they can be merged to create a different set of files as described below. Keep in mind that this is a bit software that will run in both and bit windows but cannot address more than 2 Gbytes of memory or file space!

A single shot with first break picks can be automatically interpreted in terms of an overburden and an underlying refractor. A straight line can be visually fit to the data to determine apparent velocity using the mouse.

A single shot with a reflector highlighted and time-depth, velocity and depth shown. The frequency spectrum can be calculated and displayed for the range of data which is shown in the graphic display. Several files can be merged: N files with M traces each are merged to M files with N traces each. For example, merging several different shot files will create several common offset gathers.

XSeg2Segy also provides for file combining. With file combining, a number of input files are combined into a single SEG-Y file with multiple records. Each file to be combined must have the same number of traces and samples and the same sample rate as all other files being combined. If input files are SEG-Y format, they can each contain several records. The records in a SEG-Y file can be concatenated. This is used in the case that the SEG-Y reel header is incorrectly specified as n records with1 trace per record instead of 1 record with n traces.

Concatenation combines all of the traces in the SEG-Y file into a single record. OUTPUT: Keep in mind that this is a bit software that will run in both and bit windows but cannot address more than 2 Gbytes of memory or file space!

IXSeg2Segy is distributed as shareware. The license allows for a day evaluation period. After the evaluation you are required to register the package in order to continue using it.

segy converter

Registered users can obtain e-mail support by sending requests for assistance, bug fixes and feature enhancements to info interpex. All Rights Reserved. Electrical Methods. Other Methods. IX1D v 2. IX1D v 3. Seismic Utility. I X1D v3. EM Conductivity. Seismic Refraction.

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