Under the circumstances, it becomes essential to offer better after sale and customer services in every industrial vertical or commercial sector. Excellent customer services are vital for the growth and development of an organization and can be easily achieved via the integration of effective functionalities and SAP client services applications.

The processes linked with SAP CS functionality are directly linked to the services offered to customers. They may range from minor repairs to product warranties and beyond. The provision of services to customers for these reasons goes a long way in developing customer loyalty. With more and more organizations coming into the fray, the demand for unique services is definitely o the rise.

So, to attain higher levels of competitiveness and be ahead in the race, companies are looking towards providing the best in customer services and keeping their customers totally satisfied. SAP CS tools offer a range of benefits in return and repair processes and call for better control, easier tracking of grievances and management of diverse work centers, functional locations and equipments.

SAP CS courses lay a lot of emphasis on providing in-depth knowledge of the diverse features and functionalities of the customer service domain. It encompasses training sessions on service agreements, technical objectives, customer interactions and the management of issues that are directly related to customer services. The course fees and duration vary in accordance to the teaching methodology and business policies of these institutes.

They possess the skills to maintain product information and enable high-quality, consistent services. Modeled to benefit one and all - from the senior management to everyday users, this course requires the following skills in those aspiring to pursue the same.

In a nutshell, it is an excellent course for the advancement of customer service skills in project members, business analysts and customer care executives.

With every passing day, a career in customer services and care is gaining greater importance in all business sectors. Serving as a credibility endorsement for companies worldwide, after sales services are increasingly moving towards the advantages of using the SAP CS module.

cs11 sap

After gaining a certification in this module, candidates may apply for the positions of SAP CS trainers, junior consultants, senior consultants, project managers, vice presidents and so forth.

While the average salary of a fresher is 3. The most attractive destinations for these positions in India are Gurgaon, Bengaluru and Noida. Known for paying huge bonuses to the employees who are equipped with a SAP CS certification, these companies offer higher salaries to the professionals with more years of experience.

Register Login.This article explains how to display sales BOM details as in CS03 transaction using function modules.

cs11 sap

This article also throws light on displaying the sales price of the bom materials. We can display the sales price of bom materials using the transaction V The transaction CS03 is used to display the Bill of Materials for a particular material belonging to a particular plant for a BOM usage.

This will displays all the components and its details for the material. Fill the Sales organization, Distribution channel, Price list, document currency and valid on fields.

In this function module the material number and Bom Usage are the mandatory parameters. We get these two parameters from the table MAST. Also for sales Bom the bom usage is '5'.

cs11 sap

For sales bom, the usage is set to '5'. ABAP Development.

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Browse pages. A t tachments 6 Page History.

cs11 sap

Jira links. Created by Former Memberlast modified on Nov 30, Useful Information Short quick summary to catch the reader's attention and of course the search engine. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6.You can use the same Implementation created earlier.

SAP PP - Validity Of A BOM

This will be Enhancement 2. CS12 uses program RCS Now I just needed to populate it. We have to create screen so go to the Components. Double click screen Former Member. Posted on May 14, 5 minute read. Follow RSS feed Like. Click Declaration for Type of Enhancement. Click the Create Enhancement Implementation icon. Enter a name for the Enhancement Implementation and Short Text. Now our custom field is in the field catalog to be displayed in column 5. Execute CS11 to see the new field.

Save, Check, and Activate the screen. Different original and logon languages You may now get several pop-up messages regarding different original and logon languages.

Click Continue. Click the green check.

SAP Transaction CS11

Finally, click Yes. Activate the Project.

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Call me now.The reason for this is both SM and PM shares same configuration nodes, Master data and Transactions with some difference. I would like to discuss about the service management which is integrated with Sales and Distribution Module.

Here I would like to list out all processes in the customer service module. Service Notification is a document created for capturing complaint from the customer.

Warranty is a promise given for a product during the sales in terms of usage life which holds guarantee Repair or Replace a defective product or its parts. The details of actual service tasks with work center, cost center, activities, technician, inspections, planned duration and components etc. Service contracts are used to record the details of the service package that one have agreed to provide a service recipient with over a specific period of time.

Service quotations are used to record the terms and conditions under which one offer a particular service to a customer. Repair orders provides you with a wide range of functions for managing all the necessary activities which repairing goods for a customer entails, from registering the repair request from the customer through to billing the customer for the services performed.

Elaboration of Various Types of Repair Scenarios under service management in CS: As there are various blogs on repair process with steps, I am not detailing much with the screen shots of the process steps. The below mentioned pictorial diagrams illustrates the process flow. Serviceable Material: Represents the goods to be repaired in repairing processing.

The service product is represented in the system by a material master record. Depending on how repairs processing is performed by the business, you can choose between one of the following repair order types in the standard system:. You use this type of repair order if you want to specify the repairs to be performed at the time of order entry. A repair order of the type RAS is incomplete until a service product is entered. You can:. When you enter the service product and serviceable material in the repair request item, the system creates a return order item automatically for the serviceable material.

The repair procedure controls this. You use this type of repair order if you perform repairs according to the results of the technical check. You do not have to enter a service product at the order entry stage. After the technical check has determined what repairs need to be performed on the serviceable material, you can:. Please feel free to give me with your comments and suggestions to improve this blog post.

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CS11 Display SAP BOM Level-By-Level

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Additionally, if you change your S—User contact details during incident creation, you can save these changes permanently to your S-User profile. Learn more about the redesigned incident list view today visiting our SAP Community blog post. This new feature will assist you in creating a more thorough incident and will even select the best component for your issue type, saving you valuable time and effort.

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